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2013 Alabama Pest Management Handbook Vol. 2
Austin Hagan, John Everest, Edward Sikora, Michael G. Patterson, Joe Kemble, Tim Reed, Jim Jacobi, Xing Ping Hu, Sonja B. Thomas, Charles Ray
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Pages / Length: 474
Publication Date: 11/01/2013

The Alabama Pest Management Handbook, Volume 2 contains recommendations for houses, buildings, and grounds; commercial trees and ornamental crops; commercial horticultural crops; and homeowner lawns and ornamental and garden crops.

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Submitting Samples

General Pesticide Information

Commercial Trees and Ornamental Crops

Christmas Trees: Disease Control

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease Control—Annuals and Bedding Plants

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease Control—Annual Flowers, Acalypha–Gomphrena

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease Control—Annual Flowers, Impatiens–Zinnia

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease Control—Foliage Plants and Plants and Cuttings of Woody and Herbaceous Ornamentals

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease Control—Woody Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial Ground Covers, Abelia–Hydrangea

Commercial Ornamentals: Disease and Nematode Control— Woody Trees, Shrubs, and Perennial Ground Covers, Indian Hawthorne–Yucca

Commercial Horticulture Crops

Commercial Apple: Disease and Weed Control

Commercial Peach: Disease and Weed Control

Commercial Pecan: Disease and Weed Control

Commercial Vegetable: Insect, Disease, and Weed Control

Small Fruits: Disease and Weed Control

Homeowner Lawns and Ornamental and Garden Crops

Homeowner Lawns: Insect Control

Homeowner Lawns: Disease and Nematode Control

Homeowner Lawns: Chemical Weed Control UPDATED FOR 2014

Homeowner Trees and Ornamentals: Disease Control

Homeowner Trees and Ornamentals: Weed Control

Home Garden Vegetables: Insect Control UPDATED FOR 2017

Home Garden Vegetables: Disease and Nematode Control

Home Garden Vegetables: Weed Control

Home Orchards: Disease Control

Houses, Buildings, and Grounds


Wood and Wood Structures

Urban and Industrial Sites

Subterranean Termites