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2018 Alabama Pest Management Handbook, Volume 1
Kathy Flanders, Charles Ray, Austin Hagan, Tim Reed, Ron Smith, Edward Sikora, Ayanava Majumdar, Sonja B. Thomas, Steve Li, Joyce A. Tredaway, Kassie Conner, Jim Jacobi

Pages / Length: 418
Publication Date: 12/18/2017

This handbook contains recommendations for houses, buildings, and grounds; commercial trees and ornamental crops; commercial horticultural crops; and homeowner lawns and ornamental and garden crops. It was compiled by both current and former Extension entomologists, plant pathologists, weed scientists, and a pesticide safety education specialist and provides the most recent information possible on the selection, rates, application, and safe and proper use of pesticides. A directory of the specialists who authored sections is included.

Download or purchase the individual sections with the links below.

Introduction Updated for 2017

Safety Updated for 2018

Submitting Samples Updated for 2018

General Pesticide Information Updated for 2017

Noncropland Updated for 2018

Agronomic Crops

Alfalfa Updated for 2018

Corn Updated for 2018

Cotton Updated for 2018

Grain Sorghum Updated for 2018

Pasture and Forage Crops Updated for 2018

Peanut Updated for 2018

Sesame Updated for 2018

Small Grains Updated for 2018

Soybean Updated for 2018

Stored Grains Updated for 2018

Commercial Crops

Commercial Turf and Lawns: Insect Control Recommendations

Commercial Turf and Lawns: Disease and Nematode Control Recommendations

Commercial Turf and Lawns: Chemical Weed Control Recommendations