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Summer Annual Grasses as Forage Crops in Alabama
Don Ball
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Pages / Length: 4
Publication Date: 02/10/2001

The summer annual grasses—for example, the sorghums (including forage, grain, and intermediate types), sorghum-sudangrass hybrids, sudangrass, and pearlmillet—are of considerable importance to Alabama’s livestock producers because of their rapid growth, giving good forage yield and providing good forage quality. Summer annual grasses can be used for grazing, hay, silage, or greenchop, but the most common uses in Alabama are for grazing and for hay. Spring plantings result in the highest production; however, the economics of using summer annual grasses may or may not be good, depending on the need for forage, the class of animals being fed, and the price of cattle or milk. In addition to species descriptions, this four-page publication provides guidelines for establishment; fertility; grazing management; management for hay, silage, or greenchop; and essential information on potential toxicities.