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IPM Tactics for Subterranean Termite Control
Xing Ping Hu, Arthur G. Appel, Faith M. Oi, Thomas G. Shelton
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Pages / Length: 8
Publication Date: 07/10/2001

Termites are among the most economically important insects in the world. They eat wood and wood-based cellulosic materials. They play an important role in ecological systems by recycling back to soil cellulose-containing materials, such as fallen trees. Unfortunately, termites cannot tell the difference between a pine log in nature and a pine board that is part of your house. They are best known as structural and plant pests that compete with people for shelter and food. Termites cause more destruction to wood and paper products in Alabama than any other insect. They are the most difficult and expensive to control. Methods for control of different types of termites differ greatly. Therefore, homeowners must understand termites and how they can be controlled.