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Management Of Recreation Catfish Ponds In Alabama
Michael P. Masser, Chris Hyde
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Pages / Length: 16
Publication Date: 07/10/1996

Recreational catfish ponds are almost as common in the southeastern-United States as bass and bream recreational ponds. Catfish are ideal for stocking recreational fishing ponds, because (1) they can be grown at higher densities than other sportfish; (2) they readily consume pelleted feeds; and (3) they are well suited for use in small ponds that allow easy fishing access to anglers of all ages and skill levels. Although often overshadowed by more “glamorous” sportfishes, such as largemouth bass or crappie, the channel catfish is an excellent fighter on light to medium tackle. Many landowners also like catfish ponds for the excellent quality of catfish flesh. This publication is designed to help landowners who are trying to decide if a recreational catfish pond is what they want and to assist pond owners in managing their recreational catfish ponds.