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A Guide for Assessing Agricultural Ventures
Karen W. Craig, Kevin H. Crenshaw, JaMarkus Crowell, Kathryn B. Friday, Marcus L. Garner, William H. Hardin, Alice Paris, Mike Reeves, Nii Tackie, Duncan M. Chembezi
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Pages / Length: 12
Publication Date: 12/09/2013

Launching a new and viable agribusiness venture requires considerable research and meticulous planning to improve the odds of success. This publication and guide targets three potential consumers – investors into an agricultural venture, aspiring or beginning farmers who want to start an agricultural venture, and existing agricultural entrepreneurs looking for agricultural investment opportunities to expand into. Although not exhaustive, the information, ideas and analytical approach presented in this publication can help an aspiring or seasoned producer make the right decision for a given situation. Aspiring agricultural investors must heed that many investment opportunities are offered by both legitimate and by not so legitimate sales representatives. A legitimate investment can offer excellent returns, while a deal with a con artist is guaranteed to fail or result in serious financial loss. It is hoped that individuals seeking or pursuing new agricultural investment opportunities or transitioning to new agricultural ventures will carefully consider their options and look to other sources of valuable information for guidance.