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Alabama IPM Communicator Vol 5. No. 6
Ayanava Majumdar
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Pages / Length: 34
Publication Date: 04/11/2014

Welcome to another issue of the Alabama IPM Communicator Newsletter – a special publication on pest management and sustainable agriculture. Topics in this issue include the damage flooding causes on corn, Kudzu bug's impact on soybeans, a news release from the secretary of Agriculture, tomato spotted wilt resistant cultivars, late-season caterpillar control in tomatoes, report from the field, gray mold in berries, the first peanut genomes sequenced, the best test for potting mixes, FSA program registration, spring freeze injury to fruit crops, AFVGA conference flash drive, CHR training program, and the organic farming research foundation grants. A complete list of training events is included along with flyers; producers are encouraged to pre-register for the meetings and participate.