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Backyard Beekeeping
James E. Tew
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Pages / Length: 28
Publication Date: 08/10/2004

A 50-page colorful, fact-filled introduction to all aspects of beekeeping. In a field where the abundance of information and instructions can be intimidating to the novice, this book puts information in an orderly form and aids the new beekeeper in developing hive management skills. It is also an appropriate review for the experienced beekeeper.

  • bee races
  • beehive management
  • honey production and processing
  • queen management
  • hive manipulation
  • honey bee stinging behavior
  • relationship between bees and the blossoms they pollinate
  • honey bee diseases and pests
  • additional information sources on beekeeping
  • specific instructions and advice for the prospective beekeeper
  • how to start a bee project

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