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2016 Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Impacts
The mission of the Extension Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team is to provide Alabamians with the latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the management of natu ...

2017 Fire Ant Control Materials for Alabama Homeowners
Many products to control fire ants are on the market. This publication is the result of a survey of 21 stores in Alabama and explains the uses of broadcast and individual mound treatments. The include ...

4-H Alabama Water Watch Brochure
This program is an opportunity for youth to learn about watershed stewardship and water quality monitoring through science-based, hands-on experiences in the classroom and at the creek, river, lake, o ...

5 Ways To Protect Your Forestland From Wildfire
Damage from wildland fires can devastate your forests and wildlife. This one-page flyer from the Alabama Forestry Commission recommends five ways to protect your forestland from wildfire.

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6 Simple Steps to Successfully Submit a Pond Water Sample

Periodically lakes and ponds require liming to maintain alkalinity levels. Testing a water sample is a convenient method to determine current total alkalinity and total hardness levels and determin ...

8 Simple Steps to Successfully Submit a Pond Weed Sample
Need help identifying a weed in your pond? This brochure will show you how to gather a sample to send to your county Extension office for assistance. Fill in your information online, print, and send w ...

A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

Price: $4.00

A Key to Common Native Trees in Alabama
Can you distinguish between a pinnately and palmately compound leaf, or between a denately serrate and double serrate edge? This 16-page publication contains clear descriptions and illustrations of th ...

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A Landowner’s Guide for Wild Pig Management
Wild pigs are now both numerous and widespread throughout much of the United States. Damage from pigs is nothing new, and wherever wild pigs are present, they inevitably become a problem. This colorf ...

Africanized Honey Bees
In October 1990, the first swarm of Africanized honey bees to move naturally from Mexico into the United States was found and destroyed in southern Texas. Since then, Africanized honey bees have ...

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