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Commercial Turf and Lawns - Disease and Nematode Control Recommendations for 2018
A list of common diseases of turf grasses in Alabama as well as the fungicides, nematicides, and management practices recommended for their control.

Commercial Turf and Lawns - Insect Control Recommendations for 2018
Information on insect control practices for use in commercial turfgrasses.

General Pesticide Information - Alabama Pest Management Handbook 2018
Fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, nematicides, and other pesticides on the Federal Restricted Pesticide Use and Alabama Restricted Pesticide Use lists are cited by active ingredient, trade name, a ...

Safety - Alabama Pest Management Handbook 2018
Pesticide applicator safety procedures including protective clothing, equipment safety, and reentry information is reviewed in this publication.

Stored Grains - Insect Control Recommendations for 2018
Information on pest management practices available for use in stored grain. Major insect pests are discussed, and control options are presented.

Submitting Samples for Diagnosis, Analysis, and Identification, Alabama Pest Management Handbook 2018
Procedures for collecting, handling, packaging, shipping, and submitting a plant or soil sample for a plant disease diagnosis and nematode soil assay, respectively, to the Auburn University Plant Diag ...

10 Steps To Good Jelly
This leaflet explains the boiling down jelly making method. Another popular method is the commercial pectin method. If you would like to try the commercial pectin method, follow the directions o ...

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2012 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crops Handbook
The Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers (SEVEW) Group now offers the 13th edition of the Vegetable Crop Handbook for the southeastern United States. This handbook represents a joint effort among ...

2013 Alabama Pest Management Handbook Vol. 2
The Alabama Pest Management Handbook, Volume 2 contains recommendations for houses, buildings, and grounds; commercial trees and ornamental crops; commercial horticultural crops; and homeowner lawns a ...

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2013 Alabama Pest Management Handbook, Volume 1: Introduction
This brief overview of 2013 Alabama Pest Management Handbook—Volume 1 includes abbreviations used and general comments about how in ...

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