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(SerPIE) Synergistic Efforts to Reduce Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
SerPIE is a multidisciplinary outreach program that encourages citizens to adopt pharmaceutical best management practices (BMPs).

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2015 Urban Program Highlights
The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s Urban Affairs and New Nontraditional Programs unit strives daily to meet the needs of Alabama citizens, particularly in Alabama’s urban and suburban communi ...

A Guide for Assessing Agricultural Ventures
Launching a new and viable agribusiness venture requires considerable research and meticulous planning to improve the odds of success. This publication and guide targets three potential consumers – i ...

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A Resource For Faith Based Gardens
This manual is a complete guide to faith-based gardens. Also called "ecumenical" or biblical gardens, these gardens serve as an educational tool as well as a place of prayer, meditation, and people-pl ...

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A Simple Guide to Starting a Small Business
Starting a business is a major endeavor that brings both rewards and struggles. If you are looking for freedom from the typical job or hoping to find a work schedule that accommodates your family, st ...

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Alabama Ethnic Food Security Network
The Alabama Ethnic Food Security Network is designed for Alabama farmers, particularly small-scale and limited-resource farmers who produce and market safe multicultural meats and vegetables, can incr ...

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Alabama Urban Home*A*Syst
This is a promotional brochure for the Alabama Urban Home*A*Syst Program.

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Back to the Basics: Backyard Poultry
Backyard poultry broods can be a great investment for families in both rural and urban settings. Key words: basics of backyard poultry, getting started, chicken feed, coops, hen houses

Backyard Poultry Egg Production: Know Your Chickens, Know Your Food
Learn basic management practices of raising chickens for egg production right in your own backyard.

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Biology of Reproduction of Goats
Reproduction is considered a primary trait of economical importance in animal production systems. Within this context, there is a need to adequately manage the reproduction of bucks and does to ...

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