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Safety - Alabama Pest Management Handbook 2018
Pesticide applicator safety procedures including protective clothing, equipment safety, and reentry information is reviewed in this publication.

1993 Farm Injury Data: An Insight in Preventing Future Incidents
Knowledge of incident prevalence by category can be vital in preparing safety programs and reducing future incidents. This publication is a compilation of statistics about farm injuries in 1993 and in ...

Alabama Farm*A*Syst: Pesticide Management Practices in Agriculture
Regular reviews can provide users/applicators with updates on government regulations or label changes that may affect the use and handling of particular pesticides from one year to the next. Failure ...

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Calibrating Traveling Guns for Slurry Irrigation
Waste storage ponds are used on many dairy, swine, and poultry layer farms. Storage pond slurry can be an effective part of the waste management plan. The proper procedure for calibrating traveling gu ...

Combating the Dangers of Electrical Shock on the Farm
Overhead electrical wires and improperly grounded electrical equipment are the two primary risks of electrical shock on the farm. This publication provides 12 electrical safety rules that will help re ...

Coping with Slips, Trips, and Falls in Farming Enterprises
Slips and falls are second only to motor-vehicle incidents as a cause of death. An estimated 300,000 disabling injuries and 1,400 deaths annually are the result of falls in the American work force. Th ...

Eye Protection for Agricultural Field Workers
The most prevalent injury to nursery workers in the Southeast is to the eyes, and these injuries are preventable. This publication discusses the different types of eye protection for field workers who ...

Farm Incidents Statistics Report: The United States and Alabama
Agriculture, mining and construction have the highest incidental death rates of the major industries. Farm workers comprise only 3 percent of the American workforce, yet account for 10 percent of the ...

Farm Safety Series - Grain Bin Hazards and Safety Considerations

Fruit Culture in Alabama: Sprayers and Other Equipment for Orchard Maintenance
Safe and efficient application of pesticides is crucial for home, hobby, and commercial fruit producers. This six-page illustrated publication will familiarize you with the five types of pesticide spr ...

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