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10 Rules for Feeding Horses
The 10 basic rules for the proper feeding of horses are very much like nutritional guidelines for human beings. Small meals and appropriate amounts of clean, fresh water are at the top of the similari ...

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4-H Pig Squeal Promo Card
This is a useful tool for promoting the 4-H Pig Squeal Project. The 4-H Pig Squeal Project teaches young people ages 9 to 18 recommended management practices for growing and raising swine.

4-H Poultry Plan
Alabama 4-H offers a range of programs and opportunities for young people interested in poultry. Learn about Chick Chain, Avian Bowl, Chicken Barbecue, Turkey Barbecue, 4-H Egg Preparation Demonstrat ...

Advantages Of Manure Solid-Liquid Separation
Animal waste lagoons and storage ponds are designed to hold large amounts of raw manure and flush water. Managing this waste in an environmentally sound way is easier and more flexible if the ma ...

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AFO/CAFO Registration Requirements: Your Questions Answered
Visit our Web site at: AFO/CAFO Registration Requirements: Your Questions Answered It makes good sense and is good stewardship to protect the water we depend on for animal and huma ...

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Alabama Beef Cattle Producers Guide
This book goes along with the Alabama Master Cattle Producers Training Program. It provides producers with information on recommended health practices, handling, selection, breeding management and re ...

Alabama Beef Cattle Producers Pocket Guide
Beef cattle represent one of the largest parts of Alabama’s agriculture industry. This publication is intended to be a quick reference guide for beef cattle producers in today’s market. The guide cont ...

Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Administer Drugs Properly
Administering drugs properly is vital for the proper action of the drugs and to avoid injection site lesions and residues in the meat. The best way to avoid problems is to follow the drug’s label inst ...

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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Avoiding Residues from Feed
Providing a feed program that meets the needs of your animals is crucial for the success of your cattle. There are several important considerations when developing your feed program, including proper ...

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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Benchmarking for Quality
Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) deals with management practices that affect the final product: the beef and the consumer’s eating experience. This publication outlines the basic concerns and techniques o ...

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