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Bridging Generational Gaps in Communities
Although many trends among youth originate from older adults, why is it so difficult for two generations to find a common ground of interest?

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Community Event Planning Guide
This guide will help you plan any Cooperative Extension or community event.

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Community Fundraising
Fundraising is crucial to developing and sustaining a non-profit organization. In today’s economy, non-profit organizations do more but operate on less. Raising capital to meet the budget requirement ...

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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors
Today, seniors are an integral part of future workforce needs. “Between 2010-2020, seniors are expected to possess one of the largest employment resource blocs,” says authors Richard W. Judy and ...

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Tourism: An Effective Tool for Economic Development
Tourism ranks as the top three employers in 29 states; it’s also the nation’s second largest services export industry and third largest retail sales industry. In this publication you will learn more a ...

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