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AgriTourism in Alabama Rack Card
Promote two of Alabama’s largest industries, agriculture and tourism, with this colorful agritourism rack card. Featured on this 4” x 9” card are images from just a few of the many forms of agritouris ...

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Bridging Generational Gaps in Communities
Although many trends among youth originate from older adults, why is it so difficult for two generations to find a common ground of interest?

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Community Event Planning Guide
This guide will help you plan any Cooperative Extension or community event.

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Community Fundraising
Fundraising is crucial to developing and sustaining a non-profit organization. In today’s economy, non-profit organizations do more but operate on less. Raising capital to meet the budget requirement ...

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Developing an Agri-Tourism Attraction in Alabama
Two of Alabama's largest industries are agriculture and tourism. When the two combine efforts, the result is agri-tourism. This colorful, 24-page booklet is designed to help farmers and entrepreneurs ...

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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors
Today, seniors are an integral part of future workforce needs. “Between 2010-2020, seniors are expected to possess one of the largest employment resource blocs,” says authors Richard W. Judy and ...

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Establishing a Retiree Attraction Program in Your Community
The attraction of retirees is a relatively new industry that is rapidly growing in the United States. The 50+ market is not only the fastest growing market sector but is also the wealthiest market ...

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How Extension Works for Rural Alabama Exhibit
More than half of Alabama's citizens live in rural areas. This warm, colorful exhibit describes how research-based educational programs are offered to these areas by the Alabama Cooperative Extension ...

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Marketing Your Community to Attract Retirees
An expanding new industry in America today is the attraction of affluent retirees. This industry presently generates billions of dollars annually in sales of such things as entertainment, financia ...

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Pump House Becomes Birding/Ecotourism Lab: A Master Gardener Project
This exhibit demonstrates how a pump house was converted to a birding/ecotourism lab. The exhibit was originally created for display at the NEAFCS Annual Meeting poster session in Portland, Oregon, Se ...

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