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2016 Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Impacts
The mission of the Extension Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team is to provide Alabamians with the latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the management of natu ...

5 Ways To Protect Your Forestland From Wildfire
Damage from wildland fires can devastate your forests and wildlife. This one-page flyer from the Alabama Forestry Commission recommends five ways to protect your forestland from wildfire.

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A Guide to Analyzing Forestry Profit Potential

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Alabama Natural Resources Council brochure

Alabama Nonindustrial Private Forest Owners: Snapshots From A Family Album
The snapshots in this album, both photographic and statistical, are of the people who own Alabama's forests: why they own forests, what they do with their forests, and how they feel about the issu ...

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Alabama Stumpage Price Trends
Forests dominate the landscape of Alabama. Non-industrial private forest owners own 72 percent of the state’s forest land. Generating income through timber sales is a primary objective for many ...

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Alabama Stumpage Price Trends (2007-2016)
Timber production is the second-largest agricultural commodity in Alabama. Understanding the factors related to market and price trends is essential for landowners and producers of timber products.

Alabama TREASURE Forest Brochure
The Alabama TREASURE Forest Program has been recognizing landowners who promote sound and sustainable forest management since 1974. Learn more about the program, TREASURE Forest certification, the Hel ...

Basal Area: A Measure Made for Management
Basal area is an important unit of measurement in forestry and land management, but it can often be misunderstood, even by professionals. This publication explains what basal area is, why it is used a ...

Benefits and Drawbacks to Variable-Radius Plots
For an accurate and cost-effective assessment, a forest inventory method should match the conditions of the forest stand. Variable-radius plot sampling is commonly used in the southeastern United Stat ...

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