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6 Simple Steps to Successfully Submit a Pond Water Sample

Periodically lakes and ponds require liming to maintain alkalinity levels. Testing a water sample is a convenient method to determine current total alkalinity and total hardness levels and determin ...

Aquatic Resources Impact Report
Learn how Alabama Extension's Aquatic Resources Program Team provides science-based programs in aquaculture (freshwater and marine), private pond and lake management, coastal resources, commercial and ...

Channel Catfish Production In Ponds
Catfish farming has grown rapidly since its beginning in the 1960s. More than 18,000 acres of water were used in commercial catfish production in Alabama in 1990. In the United States, catfish far ...

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Coosa County Creeks Trail Guide/Maps
This colorful and detailed guide includes maps for float trips down the Hatchet and Weogufka Creeks in Coosa County. Learn about wildlife and vegetation along the route. Also included are camping tips ...

Feeding Catfish During Winter
Wintertime feeding can help maintain the health and promote the growth of catfish. Since catfish are cold-blooded animals, their body temperature and rate of metabolism slow down as the water cool ...

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Guidelines For Collecting & Shipping Diseased Fish
Fish kills can be caused by handling stress, poor water quality, or disease agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites—and are most common during the warmer months of the year. Early detec ...

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How to Grow Your Oyster Garden
An oyster garden requires weekly maintenance, but the more consistent you are, the easier it is to care for your garden and the better your oysters will grow. This publication is aimed at oyster garde ...

Liming Fishponds
Many ponds in Alabama collect water from watersheds with soils of very low alkalinity, that is, soils with less ability to neutralize acid. Adding agricultural lime to ponds with low alkalinity can gr ...

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Pond Building: A Guide to Planning, Constructing, and Maintaining Recreational Ponds
A properly located, well-constructed pond can be a beautiful addition to a landscape. Ponds provide owners with excellent recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and wildlife viewing as ...

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Raising Earthworms
Have you ever been ready to go fishing and had trouble finding bait? You just know the fish are biting at that very minute, but you're spending valuable time looking for bait! You can prevent this f ...

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