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2016 Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Impacts
The mission of the Extension Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team is to provide Alabamians with the latest science-based information available to make decisions regarding the management of natu ...

4-H Alabama Water Watch Brochure
This program is an opportunity for youth to learn about watershed stewardship and water quality monitoring through science-based, hands-on experiences in the classroom and at the creek, river, lake, o ...

6 Simple Steps to Successfully Submit a Pond Water Sample

Periodically lakes and ponds require liming to maintain alkalinity levels. Testing a water sample is a convenient method to determine current total alkalinity and total hardness levels and determin ...

8 Simple Steps to Successfully Submit a Pond Weed Sample
Need help identifying a weed in your pond? This brochure will show you how to gather a sample to send to your county Extension office for assistance. Fill in your information online, print, and send w ...

Aquatic Resources Impact Report
Learn how Alabama Extension's Aquatic Resources Program Team provides science-based programs in aquaculture (freshwater and marine), private pond and lake management, coastal resources, commercial and ...

BMPs For Stream Crossings
In Alabama we enjoy an abundance of waterways; it is unusual to find 20 acres without some type of "waters of the state" (as defined below). Most forestry operations like timber harvesting require ...

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Boaters: Beware of Zebra Mussels
Zebra mussels are native to the streams and rivers of the colder areas of Europe. They were first found in the United States in the Great Lakes region during the mid 1980s. They have readily adapted ...

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Disposal Of Household Chemical Waste
Products found in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, garden shed may be hazardous. Because of their chemical nature, these products can poison, corrode, explode, or burst into flame if not handled prope ...

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Drinking Water for Livestock
Overall maintenance of herd health and productivity depend on the quantity and quality of water required by livestock. Learn how much water is typically required, acceptable ranges of water quality, ...

Forest Practices And Water Quality: Guidelines For Landowners
Water quality became an important issue to the general public almost 30 years ago. At that time attention was focused on industrial waste and urban sewage treatment. Protecting and improving water ...

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