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10 Steps To Good Jelly
This leaflet explains the boiling down jelly making method. Another popular method is the commercial pectin method. If you would like to try the commercial pectin method, follow the directions o ...

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Alabama Smart Yards
The Alabama Smart Yards (ASY) program is a cooperative alliance whose mission is to introduce environmental consciousness to homeowners and neighborhoods. This extensive handbook is packed with vital ...

Backyard Composting
In Alabama, a family of four generates an average of 2.5 tons of garbage per year—nearly a half ton of which is yard refuse and kitchen waste that can be composted. This concise, illustrated publicati ...

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Backyard Composting Tips
You can have an impact on decreasing the volume of trash in landfills and add a benefit to your yard at the same time by composting. This 11” x 17” poster offers tips on backyard composting as well as ...

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Backyard Poultry Egg Production: Know Your Chickens, Know Your Food
Learn basic management practices of raising chickens for egg production right in your own backyard.

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Building Green: What Does It Mean?
Green building construction has environmental and financial benefits by utilizing recycled resources and creating less waste during construction, as well as improving indoor air quality and water and ...

Buying Organic— What Does it Mean?
Most people define organic foods as those that have been produced using minimal or no synthetic pesticides to eliminate harmful residues on them. Organic food may be produced using approved pesticides ...

Canning for Fairs and Exhibits
Many Alabama homemakers like to show their home-canned products in county and state fairs. A lot of skill and know-how go into blue-ribbon products, and the winners can be justly proud. If you would l ...

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Canning Tomatoes
TOMATOES ARE EASY TO CAN. And they can be used so many ways in your family meals. They taste good when canned the scientific way.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Composting
How do you begin a compost pile? Can you add kitchen scraps? How can you tell when your compost is “finished”? While composting may appear to be a simple process, beginning your own backyard compost ...

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