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2013 Alabama Pest Management Handbook Vol. 2
The Alabama Pest Management Handbook, Volume 2 contains recommendations for houses, buildings, and grounds; commercial trees and ornamental crops; commercial horticultural crops; and homeowner lawns a ...

Price: $25.00

Alabama Commercial Pesticide Applicators Permit
This brochure explains how to obtain a commercial pesticide applicator permit.

Alabama Private Applicator Permit
This brochure explains who should have a private pesticide applicator permit and what to do to obtain one.

Price: $1.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Manual: Sewer Line Chemical Root Control
For Metam Sewer Control Commercial Applicator Permit

Price: $50.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Study Manual
For applicators who already have a license in a category but need to have it renewed.

Price: $50.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Manual: Aerial Pesticide Application
For applicators who apply pesticides by air.

• Depending on where pesticides are applied the applicator will need to purchase Aquatic Pest Control, Agricultural Plant, Right-of-Way, Fores ...

Price: $15.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Manual: Agricultural Plant
Applicators in this category apply pesticides to agricultural crops.

• Applicator Category—Agricultural Plant: Ground; manual required=Agricultural Plant
• Applicator Category—Agri ...

Price: $20.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Manual: Aquatic Pests
Pesticide application to standing or running water, other than public health purposes

• Applicator Category—Aquatic Pest Control: Ground; manual required=Aquatic Pest Control
• App ...

Price: $20.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Manual: Demonstration and Research Pest Control
For applicators that demonstrate the use of pesticides or supervise their use and applicators conducting field research. Included in this group are Extension agents and specialists, commercial represe ...

Price: $20.00

Commercial Pesticide Applicator Study Manual: Forest Pest Control
Applicators in this category apply pesticides in forests, forest nurseries, and forest seed-producing areas.

• Applicator Category—Forest Pest Control: Ground; manual required=Forest Pest ...

Price: $20.00

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