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Evaluating Water Quality for Poultry
Although the importance of providing a sufficient amount of water or adequate access to it is well accepted, the importance of water quality on performance is often overlooked. Water quality attr ...

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Litter Treatments for Poultry
The detrimental effects of ammonia in poultry production have been known for years. Numerous laboratory and field studies have shown how ammonia levels as low as 10 parts per million (ppm) affect ...

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Poultry House Controllers for Beginners
This book was written to help growers and service people learn the ins and outs of poultry house electronic controllers. Even though there are several controllers on the market this book illustrates t ...

Effects of Diet Particle Size on Poultry Performance
Improving feed utilization can have a tremendous impact on poultry production costs. Learn cost-effective nutritional and processing strategies and the effects of diet particle size on poultry perform ...

Biosecurity for Backyard Poultry Flocks
Isolation, traffic control, sanitation, and recognition of warning signs are the four steps in a biosecurity program for your poultry flock. Having a good biosecurity program can help protect your fl ...

4-H Poultry Project Record Book
For participants of the Alabama 4-H Poultry Project

Dead Poultry Composting
Alabama poultry producers are facing increasingly difficult problems disposing of dead poultry on their farms. Current practices include incineration, burying the carcasses in approved pits, and rende ...

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Poultry Pest Management
The most common external parasites of poultry in Alabama are mites and lice. These pests can slow the growth, lower vitality, damage plumage, and reduce egg production. This publication describes the ...

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Poultry House Ventilation Guide
This 40 page book outlines what birds need in a house from a ventilation prospective. It provides the knowledge for understanding common methods and procedures for operating modern poultry houses in ...

Facts About Beef
Beef is an American favorite. Each of us spends about 15 percent of our disposable income on food, with about one-third of each food dollar going for meat, fish, and poultry—with beef the most popular ...

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