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Avian Influenza FAQ
The most common questions about avian influenza are answered in these brief, easy-to-understand FAQs updated March 2017.

Drinking Water for Livestock
Overall maintenance of herd health and productivity depend on the quantity and quality of water required by livestock. Learn how much water is typically required, acceptable ranges of water quality, ...

Submitting Samples to the Alabama Diagnostics Laboratories
The four Alabama State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories are available for poultry disease diagnosis. Learn how to collect and submit samples and how to avoid problems when gathering samples.

Biosecurity for Backyard Poultry Flocks
Isolation, traffic control, sanitation, and recognition of warning signs are the four steps in a biosecurity program for your poultry flock. Having a good biosecurity program can help protect your fl ...

March/April 2017

Alfalfa - Insect and Weed Control Recommendations for 2017
Find in this multipage publication information on integrated pest management (IPM) practices available for use in alfalfa production. Major pests including weeds and insects are discussed and control ...