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Hay and Forage Testing Application Form
Use this form to submit a hay or forage sample for analysis at the Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory. It may be filled out online and printed to send in with your sample.

Controlling Damage from Moles and Voles
Damage to your property may be caused by moles or voles. Knowing the difference between the two animals is essential to controlling the problem.

Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas: Reducing Hazards from Pesticide Use
The third in the Protecting Pollinators in Urban Areas series focuses on the safe use of pesticides. You will learn pesticide types and how they differ. You also will gain a handy list of common pesti ...

Controlling Scale Insects and Mealybugs
Scale insects and mealybugs can be difficult to detect. Learn how to identify and control these pests hiding on your plants and turfgrass.

4-H Golden Egg Contest Planning Guide
This guide covers what the Alabama 4-H Golden Egg Contest is, who may participate, and other tips.

Planning to Make a Cow-Calf Profit
Most cattle businesses in Alabama are cow-calf operations. The profitability of these operations is largely a function of the ability to produce and market high-quality feeder calves at a reasonable c ...

Water Requirements of Beef Cattle
Water is considered the most critical nutrient in beef cattle diets. Cattle diets are balanced for energy, protein, vitamins, and minerals based on the desired level of animal performance. Animal perf ...

Climate Effects on Forage and Beef Production
Beef cattle production potential is influenced in part by environmental conditions. Cattle producers should be aware of management risks and mitigation strategies to improve production potential in t ...

Golden Egg Contest Entry Card
This entry card is to be attached to entries in the Alabama 4-H Golden Egg Contest.

Golden Egg Contest Registration Form
Use this form to register for the Alabama 4-H Golden Egg Contest. This also lists the minimum requirements for youth participants.